At  LIT, we have experience translating scripts and recording video voice overs in Spanish. We can provide female native Spanish speaker talents.
LIT also offers the following services for clients who would like to use their own voice talent and recording studios:

  • recording supervision and assistant production of Spanish speakers;
  • Script editing and writing;
  • casting assistance;
  • accent check and validation;
  • audio file review on or off site;

LIT ensures that your Spanish language recording is delivered with the proper accent, diction and tone. It is imperative that the recording be genuine and accurate to transmit your message with no distractions.

To hear a sample of Marianela’s Spanish voice recording click below (you will be directed to another page).

LIT language voice - Spanish

Client: Gynecology Associates Faculty Department of OB/GYN, Mercer University of Medicine, GA

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